TUA Farms SP Ruby Red Dress

Old Mountain Farm Stag Party x Almar Acres Ima Jewel Thief VEEV88

My sweet, sweet girl. Ruby is another favorite here at our farm. She aims to be second in command to Ginette but still seems to take a lot of flak for it. She is very special to me and I doubt I can ever let her go. It’s no matter, as she is maturing so nicely. Her LA score reflects the fact that she kidded as an immature yearling (due to a great buck escape) and she was entirely too small at appraisal. I would like to appraise her again when she is 5 because she has a fantastic udder. She has a beautiful rump, excellent length, awesome rear udder height, a very snug udder, and good teats. She also has the most beautiful, shiny coat, which glistens red in the summer sun and is my absolute favorite color. I would take an entire herd of Ruby clones anytime.


LA Score
A++A75 @ 01-03

Color & Markings
Red Buckskin with Blue Eyes and Minimal White

Kidding History on our Farm
2019: buck/doe twins by TUA Farms SP Flash Drive
2020: 1 buck, 2 does by DLMG Farms LJ Mars Bar
2021: 2 bucks by Oak Apple Ayumu

3F udder, 8 hour Fill