TUA Farms MB Bold Minx

Elite +B Old Mountain Farm M Bold N x SG 2*M Elite TUA Farms SH Smoke and Mirrors, +EEE89 @ 02-03

Minx is a super sweet doe, though she is very sensitive on the milk stand, which is why she’s a bit hunched in the photo. She is a very strong producer (94th percentile), and she fit right in here like she was a missing puzzle piece. She and Ginette were immediate best buds. Her structure is very good. I love her length of body, her length of rump, her strong back, tight shoulders, and her beautiful head. But most of all, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her udder! She has the biggest teats of all my goats, plus a super strong medial, lots of capacity…the list goes on. The only thing I would like to see improved is a more rounded escutcheon, more extension to the fore, and her teats slightly more to the center. But that’s ok! My daughter loves to milk Minx by hand because she says it is so much easier than any of the other goats. I’m really looking forward to breeding Minx with Hootie for a linebreeding on Old Mountain Farm Fat Tuesday. I did a half-sibling cross with her to get a tight linebreeding on SG Old Mountain Farm M Bold N +*B, and boy, am I glad I did. The cross is fantastic, and the kids are so sweet. I think Minx is talking me into letting her stay for the long term!


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Chocolate and White Swiss Marked

Retained Kids
2022: Pixiebrook Bold Journey, Pixiebrook Mini Me-Inks

Drying up, stale udder, but you can still see good structure.