TUA Farms DF Louis Pasteur

Sans Gene Doctor Fauci x TUA Farms MB Bold N Blonde

During my herd rebuilding, I was looking specifically for a rump buck. I reached out to Amy and was lucky enough to purchase this beautiful boy. Nigerians in general struggle with high dorsal processes and/or low thurls, but Louie is both flat from side to side as well as having a good rump angle and length. That’s hard to find. I’m making a concerted effort to improve rumps in my herd, and Louie will very much help with that. In addition, he has a super wide open escutcheon area, and his dam has a massively wide udder with excellent rear udder height. Louie, like all of my other bucks, has an exceedingly sweet personality.


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Black Swiss Marked

Siring History on our Farm
Coming in 2022

Dam’s FF udder