Pixiebrook Tater Tot

Calico Creek SN Constellation x Pixiebrook CN Teanaway Blue

Tater is a special girl, born the runt of triplets. She had to be pretty spunky from the get-go to get any food competing with her much bigger brothers. Tater is a heavy line breeding on Calico Creek SN Constellation, bringing in double doses of SG TX Twincreeks RM Supernova ++*B, SGCH TX Twincreeks WDF Sarafina, EEEE92, and Castle Rock Rainmaker. On the other side, it’s is a doubling of Pecan Hollow Fawn, 2013 AGS National Champion doe and best udder. Tater might not reach the great heights of her ancestors, but the linebreeding in this case certainly worked to bring about a really nice rump, length, and barrel. We just have to watch those front legs–she stands much like her sire, just a bit too far forward. It’s a trade I’ll take for such a good rump.


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Buckskin with White and Blue Eyes

Kidding History on our Farm
Not yet bred

Sire: Calico Creek SN Constellation
Sire’s Dam: CH Pecan Hollow Fawn, 2013 AGS National Champion and Best Udder
Dam: Teanaway Blue
Dam’s FF Udder