Pixiebrook Squeaker

Oak Apple Hunter’s Moon x Pixiebrook CN Teanaway Blue

Little Squeaker. She had the biggest set of lungs at birth, but thankfully, she has mellowed some. In any case, the name stuck. I’m very pleased with her structure thus far and look forward to watching her mature. She looks to have inherited a very good rump angle, wonderful rear legs, and she has the most pleasing personality. If Hunter improves upon the dam’s udder, most specifically in the area of rear udder height, she will be a stunning goat.


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Buckskin with White and Moonspots

Kidding History on our Farm
Not yet bred

Hunter’s Dam, Oak Apple Ariana
Sire: Hunter
Hunter’s Dam, 2F
Dam Teanaway’s FF Udder, 1 Week Fresh
Dam: Teanaway Blue