Pixiebrook Never Mist a Trick

Gabhran Creek Pretty GoodMistR x Oak Apple Norina

Tricksie nearly didn’t make the cut to stay here. She was born with a front leg that would not straighten. A shot of BoSe helped, as did massage. In a few weeks, it straightened itself out. I suspect that she kept the leg contracted in utero (it was a large litter), and the tendon needed time to grow and stretch. I’m so incredibly glad I kept her though. She has a very good rump, which is one of the things I’m hyper focused on right now. I love the width and how flat it is from side to side. Rump angle is decent as well. She also has a very correct back and rear legs. I am really loving how she is growing out. She just keeps getting better and better! Tricksie is being held over to freshen as a two-year old.


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Cou Clair with White and Blue Eyes; Polled

Kidding History on our Farm
Bred for 2023 kids

Dam: Oak Apple Norina (Photo Courtesy Oak Apple Farm)
Norina’s Udder (Photo Courtesy Oak Apple Farm)