Pixiebrook Keiko

Oak Apple Ayumu x Oak Apple Kiri

This was a linebreeding on SG Old Mountain Farm Mizuki VVEE90. I was able to see Mizuki’s attachments in person, and they were beautiful. I could say I learned what attachments are supposed to look like from her. I’m very happy to have little Keiko. She is my favorite doeling of 2021 for structure, and her temperament is also super sweet. I knew before she fresehened that she was special, but I wasn’t prepared for how nice her FF udder would be. Keiko freshened with the best udder of any FF ever born on our farm. She has the best teat placement and orifice size, and I am so happy with her foreudder, her rear udder height, her attachments, and her medial. LOVE this doe, and I’m thrilled with what Ayumu has given us.


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Kidding History:
: single doeling. Retained Pixiebrook Sachi, sired by TUA Farms DF Louis Pasteur.

FF Udder, 2 weeks fresh, NO FILL! Just a pasture shot raising a single doeling!