Pixiebrook Glinda

DLMG Farms LJ Mars Bar *B x TUA Farms SP Ruby Red Dress

I like how Glinda is maturing. Her teat placement looks excellent, and I’m hoping she inherits her dam’s high and tight udder, with a hope that her sire contributed a strong medial. As far as structure, I like her length and balance, the length to her rump, and her elegant dairy neck. While she could use improvement in her rear legs (they are a bit hocky), I love so many other things about her. She is also another one of my does with a sweet, non-pushy attitude. Like her dam and older sister, she has been very slow to mature, but I suspect she will be another that is worth the wait.


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Chocolate Buckskin with Abundant White and Moonspots

Kidding History on our Farm
Not yet bred

Sire: Mars Bar *B
Sire’s Dam, Mocha (Photo Courtesy DLMG Farms)
Sire’s Dam, Mocha, not filled, showing excellent medial, division of udder halves, and teat placement
Dam: Ruby
Dam’s 2F Udder
Dam’s 3F Udder