Pixiebrook Franklin

Oak Apple Ayumu x Pixiebrook FD Konstanteeni

I have waited many years to have a buck like this! Franklin’s dam, Teeni, is a result of a linebreeding on Old Mountain Farm Stag Party, and it shows in her structure. She also has a beautiful udder, with an open escutcheon, good capacity, and nice teats. She could use better division of udder halves, but she has a beautiful rump, back, and balance. I knew I needed to retain a buckling from her as soon as she freshened. Frankie also inherited Ayumu’s incredibly sweet personality. I am really happy with this boy, and the more he grows, the more I realize that he is an improvement on so many things I have been dedicating many years to, including my number one goal, rump improvement. He has the best rump of any goat in my herd, with very high thurls, good width, and good length. The moonspots and blue eyes are the icing on the cake.


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Buckskin with Moonspots and Blue Eyes

Siring History on our Farm
None yet

Dam’s FF Udder