Pixiebrook Franklin

Oak Apple Ayumu x Pixiebrook FD Konstanteeni

I have waited many years to have a buck like this! Franklin’s dam, Teeni, is a result of a linebreeding on Old Mountain Farm Stag Party, and it shows in her structure. She also has a beautiful udder, with an open escutcheon, good capacity, and nice teats. She could use better division of udder halves and better teat placement, but she has a beautiful rump, back, and balance. And honestly, the division of udder halves may come with time. Her udder is also super high and tight and she has awesome attachments. I knew I needed to retain a buckling from her as soon as she freshened. Frankie also inherited Ayumu’s incredibly sweet personality. I am really happy with this boy, and the more he grows, the more I realize that he is an improvement on so many things I have been dedicating many years to, including my number one goal, rump improvement. He has the highest thurls in my herd. He is such a balanced buck. The moonspots and blue eyes are the icing on the cake!


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Buckskin with Moonspots and Blue Eyes

Siring History on our Farm
None yet

Dam’s 2F Udder