Pixiebrook FD Jubilee

TUA Farms SP Flash Drive *B x Hope Hollow Mischief Managed +VEV87 @ 03-01

Jubilee is a sweetheart who I sold as a young doeling. I am thrilled to have her back in my herd, and she won’t be leaving again. She has awesome width, length, and depth, and now that she has kidded for the second time, I’m seeing some great udder capacity and texture, as well as improved medial, orifices, and attachments over her dam.


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Chocolate Chamoisee with Minimal White

Kidding History on our Farm
2021: Single doeling by Gabhran Creek Pretty GoodMistR
2022: Triplets (2D, 1B) by Oak Apple Ayumu