Pixiebrook CM Sambuca

Sans Gene Caramel Macchiato x Sans Gene H Cordelia

Sambuca is one I sold as a young kid because she was born late in the season and I needed to cut back. She stayed here in Ellensburg, and I am so incredibly thankful that her owners offered her back to me when they moved. Sambuca is my most correct goat, and I especially love her rump, which is correct in every way; she’s got it going on! The only things I would like to improve on Sambuca are her teat placement and her front pasterns, and that is getting pretty picky. I LOVE this doe! She’s another with an awesome personality: trusting, sweet, and quiet, just like I like. I won’t be making the mistake of letting her go again!


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Black with Minimal White

Kidding History on our Farm
2021: Single doeling by Gabhran Creek Pretty GoodMistR