Pixiebrook CM Sambuca

Sans Gene Caramel Macchiato x Sans Gene H Cordelia

I purchased Sambuca’s dam and auntie as a sister pair, only to discover that they were almost feral when I brought them home. I spent considerable time and effort taming Cordelia but was not able to make the same progress with Brighid. At LA, she was nearly excused by the appraiser for her terrible attitude, and she was a nightmare on the milk stand. Ultimately, I grew weary of the back pain and chose to let them go. I only let Cordelia go because I wanted her to stay with Brighid, so that was a loss to me because Cordelia had such promising structure and I had spent so much time bringing her to a place of trust. Unfortunately, Sambuca (and Brighid’s daughter, Oreo) displayed the same feral attitude as a youngster, and I had to take great pains to try to make them friendly. I sold Sambuca to a wonderful family who continued to work with her daily, so she developed into quite a nice doe, and she stayed here in Ellensburg. Luckily, her owners offered her back to me a few years later when they moved. Oreo also lives nearby and turned into a lovely, friendly doe.

Sambuca is in my top three for structural correctness, and I especially love her rump, which is mostly correct; she’s got it going on! We’re talking length of rump, width, flatness from side to side with good thurl height, and correct ratio of pin to hip bone. I would like to see a better rump angle, however. She also has a socked on udder placed very high. I LOVE it, even though I would like to improve her teat placement. She unfortunately inherited one of my greatest pet peeves: knobby front legs with weak pasterns. She has given me several daughters, all of whom have been born with that feral attitude, and all of whom take consistent work to make friendly. I try my best to cross her with bucks who are known to pass on good dispositions and nice front legs.


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Black with Minimal White

Retained Kids:
2021: Pixiebrook Angry Bird, sired by Gabhran Creek Pretty GoodMistR
2022: Pixiebrook Grape Nehi, sired by TUA Farms DF Louis Pasteur

2F Udder, 10 Days Fresh, 2 Hour Fill