Pixiebrook Botamochi

Flat Rock’s Lumos Starlord x Oak Apple Ginette

Mochi is just a delight. I have waited and waited and waited for a doeling to keep out of Ginette. For nearly two years, I thought Ginette had gone sterile (I let her put on a little too much weight and then when I put her on a diet, it threw her minerals out of whack), but she continued to have very strong heats, so I put her with a buck each time. For 14 times, she did not take. In August of 2021, I nearly gave up, but decided to put her with Starlord for a final attempt. And she took! Mochi is the result of that breeding, and I couldn’t be happier. She is stunning, with width, length, balance, rump, strong muzzle, and vigor. I love her! Mochi will be staying with us permanently. I cannot bring myself to separate Ginette from her girl.


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Chamoisee with Abundant White

Kidding History on our Farm
Not yet bred

Teeni, FF, 8 Hour Fill