Pixiebrook Bold Journey

TUA Farms DF Louis Pasteur x TUA Farms MB Bold Minx

Bold Journey is built just like her sister. They are almost carbon copies except for the color. Journey is a linebreeding on SG Elite Old Mountain Farm M Bold N. She is polled, SUPER sweet (one of my favorite kid personalities ever!), and has wonderful structure. She stands on nice strong, straight legs that are properly placed, has great length to her body, a table-top straight back, and she has a very wide rear end with a very open escutcheon. Like her dam, her rump angle could be improved, but there are so many other components of her rump that are absolutely correct, including extreme flatness from side to side and super wide pin bones. If I could take her rump and just angle it up, it would be absolute perfection. She also has a beautiful dairy neck and very flat bone. She is near my ideal. Her dam has one of my favorite udders with the largest teats and a strong medial. Given her dam and sire’s production lines, I expect her to have a lot of milk. I cannot wait to see this one freshen!


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Black and Tan Swiss Marked

Kidding History on our Farm
Coming in 2024

Dam Minx’s Udder, just a pasture shot