Pixiebrook Angry Bird

Gabhran Creek Pretty GoodMistR x Pixiebrook CM Sambuca

Angry Bird got her name at birth for her ridiculously funny “eyebrow” markings that always make her look mad. Much like her dam did at a young age, she spent most of her first year in an intensely awkward stage, all hip-high and out of proportion. Having seen what her dam turned into, I knew better than to make any hasty decisions. I am pleased with my choice to keep her. She is turning out as I expected, with beautiful balance, a super high and tight udder, wide open orifices, and improved teat placement over her dam.


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Black with Minimal White and Blue Eyes

Kidding History on our Farm
2022: Single buckling by Flat Rock’s SK Red Corvette