Oak Apple Ginette

Proctor Hill Farm To GO Daddy EEE92 x SG Old Mountain Farm Anahid +EVE88

My sweet, beautiful Ginette, my all-time favorite goat. She is my soul goat and will live on my farm for all of her days. She is the herd queen, yet she will stand steadfastly by me for hours hoping for a neck scratch but never pushing herself on me. She is very respectful of boundaries, and she is quiet and calm. Her claim to fame is that her dam is littermate sister to ADGA National Champion Old Mountain Farm Merriment. Her sire has also produced many phenomenal does.


LA Score
+VV+84 @ 03-01 (official measurement 23.5″)

Color & Markings
Red Chamoisee with Scattered White

Kidding History on our Farm
Feb 2019: 2 bucks by Sans Gene Caramel Macchiato
Nov 2019: 1 doe by Sans Gene Caramel Macchiato
2020: not bred
2021: Retired