Oak Apple Ayumu

Oak Apple Arwyn x SG Old Mountain Farm Mizuki VVEE90 @ 09-07

My sweet Mu-Mu. I have a very special place in my heart for this guy, and he will never leave my property. He was very ill with what we eventually determined was BSRV induced pneumonia when he was young, and I nursed him back to health over several months. He has taken quite a while to mature, but he has been worth the wait! Mu has very tight shoulders, excellent length to his body, and has slowly developed a width and depth to match. He has wonderful rear legs that track perfectly straight, and a strong back. His dam, Mizuki, had gorgeous attachments and that longevity we like to see. His kids of 2021 were the most robust, friendly, and structurally correct of all the kids born.


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Black with Moonspots

Siring History on our Farm
2020: Quads out of Rockstar Ranch Lady Gwendolyn
2021: Twins out of TUA Farms SP Ruby Red Dress; Twins out of Pixiebrook FD Konstanteeni; Twins out of Oak Apple Kiri

Old Mountain Farm Mizuki, showing a couple hours fill