Flat Rock’s She’s a Lady

Flat Rock’s I Am Ironman x Flat Rock’s She’s a Wildcard

Holy cow, do I love this goat. First, structure: she is so very correct, and I especially love the length and depth I’m seeing at such a young age…and that brisket extension. Brisket is something that my herd in general lacks, so I’m very excited to see such strength in this area on Lady. Second, health: I appreciate the parasite resistance and overall vigor that the Flat Rock’s line brings to my herd. Third, temperament: Lady is a very reserved doe; while she is exceedingly sweet, she is not implicitly trusting. There are my favorite kinds of does. She’s quiet, inquisitive, and tries hard to trust. I tend to bond well with these does for some reason, as does my daughter, Ellie. Lady meets all of our criteria for a long-term farm resident, and we are so thrilled to have her! Please note: due to me trying to build trust with Lady, I didn’t automatically shave her when I brought her home. We will work up to that, so for this year, full coat pictures will have to do.


LA Score
Not yet appraised

Color & Markings
Silver Buckskin with Blue Eyes

Kidding History on our Farm
Not yet bred