Stand back. I goat this.

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A note on our milk stand photos: it in no way implies our goats are hard to handle (quite the opposite–we usually have to put them on the stand because they are always right next to us, wanting loves!). We like pictures to be fun, not stressful, so we give our buddies a treat on the stand, where you can see them totally naturally posed (no pinching, no setting up, no manipulation). I believe this gives a more accurate view of the goat in question, and it sure saves my back as well.

Oak Apple Ayumu

DOB: 5-16-18, Black with Moonspots

Sire: Oak Apple Arwyn (SG Elite Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos ++*B x Dragonfly HLJ Ariella EEEV89)
Dam: SG Old Mountain Farm Mizuki 4*M VVEE90 (Old Mountain Farm Hakama +*B x SG NC Promisedland Palita 3*M EEEE90)

Flat Rock’s Lumos Starlord

DOB: 2-10-2019, Silver

Sire: Flat Rock’s Expecto Patronum (Irish Whisper Harry Potter x Flat Rock’s Mythril Silver)
Dam: Flat Rock’s Patronus (Irish Whisper Harry Potter x Flat Rock’s Odyssey)

TUA Farms DF Louis Pasteur

DOB: 3-9-21, Black Swiss Marked

Sire: Sans Gene Doctor Fauci (Castle Rock Elika x Sans Gene DE Delta Blues VVEV89 @ 05-04)
Dam: TUA Farms MB Bold N Blonde (Old Mountain Farm M Bold N x TUA Farms CMB Gamora +EVV87 @ 01-03)

Flat Rock’s SK Red Corvette

DOB: 4-2-21, Red Bezoar

Sire: Dreahook SA Silver Key (Flat Rock’s Silver Arrow x Dreahook SS Royal Amethyst
Dam: Flat Rock’s H3 (Flat Rock’s Dobby x Flat Rock’s Hummer)

M Capra Farm LS Whiskey

DOB: 5-2-21, Silver Buckskin

Sire: Flat Rock’s Lumos Starlord (Flat Rock’s Expecto Patronum x Flat Rock’s Patronus)
Dam: Flat Rock’s Silver Voodoo (Flat Rock’s Ironman x Flat Rock’s Voodoo Doll)

Pixiebrook Franklin

DOB: 4-3-21, Buckskin with Moonspots and Blue Eyes

Sire: Oak Apple Ayumu (Oak Apple Arwyn x SG Old Mountain Farm Mizuki 4*M VVEE90)
Dam: Pixiebrook FD Konstanteeni (TUA Farms SP Flash Drive *B x TUA Farms SP Ruby Red Dress)

Other Bucks we have owned who now live with a friend in Ellensburg so we can swap breedings. I am lucky to have such a friend!

Oak Apple Hunter’s Moon

DOB: 4-2-2020, Gold with Moonspots

Sire: CH Old Mountain Farm Asha Quinn (SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos ++*B x Old Mountain Farm Peris VVVE87 @ 08-04)
Dam: Oak Apple Ariana (SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos ++*B x Dragonfly HLJ Ariella EEEV89 @ 06-02)

DLMG Farms LJ Hot Fudge *B

DOB: 4-10-2020, Chocolate Buckskin with White

Sire: GCH Almar Acres O Leroy Jethro G EEE90 @05-03 (Rosasharn GF Oba VEV87 @ 04-01 x SGCH Castle Rock Angelika VVEE91 @ 05-04)
Dam: SG Almar Acres AK Mocha Cream EVEE90 @ 03-05 (Castle Rock Akikta VVV87 @ 02-02 x SGCH Castle Rock Annika VEEV88 @ 07-02)

Gabhran Creek Pretty GoodMistR
Calico Creek J Manastash

Stayawhile TV Rodeo Legend