Whatever floats your goat.

Pixiebrook Farm is a small farm dedicated to breeding conformationally correct, happy, healthy Nigerian Dwarf goats. We love our goats beyond measure! Our buyers are typically looking for pets, 4-H goats, or backyard milkers who are friendly and easy to handle, often with some fun colors or blue eyes. Luckily, many Nigerians have all these qualities in one package.

We are located in Ellensburg, Washington. Though we don’t give farm tours due to biosecurity concerns, we do hope you’ll peruse our photos throughout the site to get an idea how our goats are raised. Our philosophy of goat raising starts with attention to each individual goat. We keep our herd small so that we can be sure all of our goats get the attention they deserve.

We can’t imagine life without our goat buddies. We love relaxing with them, sitting with them, and watching them play. But we also love having the sweet, creamy milk Nigerians are known for, and we tend to breed for that high butterfat content that makes it worth keeping Nigerians over other breeds. Our other breeding priorities are temperament (which is always our top priority), vigor, and parasite resistance. Basically, we want easy keepers that make care enjoyable, not stressful. We do not breed for ultra-high production. We have found that does who are extreme producers are hard keepers, and our goal is to have goats that are as easy to care for as possible. Our does all have very respectable production, in balance with their size and feed intake. Since we hand milk, we also emphasize a doe who milks out fast and easily, with large teats and orifices.

As far as conformation, it may be lower on our list than temperament and health, but it doesn’t mean it’s not important! We breed for what we like to see–goats with good conformation first and foremost, but also some fun colors, moonspots, and blue eyes thrown in. We like the whole package, and we take pride in excellence. We emphasize those traits that we feel lead to a goat having a long, productive life without pain, and this includes strong shoulders, backs, chines, and legs, as well as long and wide rumps and all of the other traits that are scored during linear appraisal. Long story short, we love our goats, and we hope it shows! Please feel free to contact us if you like our philosophy and are interested in goat raising.