2023 Kids

Sire: Pixiebrook Franklin (Oak Apple Ayumu x Pixiebrook FD Konstanteeni)
Dam: Pixiebrook FD Jubilee
(TUA Farms SP Flash Drive *B x Hope Hollow Mischief Managed 1*M)

DOB: 3-27-23
R1:Pixiebrook Happy Dance: Chocolate Buckskin Doe, Blue Eyes, Moonspots
R2:Pixiebrook Joyeux-Rose: Dark Chocolate Buckskin Doe, reserved RD
R3: Deceased (very small runt)

Happy Dance, Retained

Joyeux-Rose, Reserved, RD

These two does are lovely and are so sweet! I’m very impressed with their width. Their dam has exceptional width and depth yet still has strong dairy character, including the most capacious udder with the best texture in the entire herd.

Sire: Springwater BR Apricot Disco *B (Better Wayz Rhythm x Springwater AL Apricot Nectar)
Dam: Pixiebrook CM Sambuca (Sans Gene Caramel Macchiato x Sans Gene H Cordelia)

DOB: 4-2-23
R4: Pixiebrook Gin Fizz: Chocolate and Tan Swiss-Marked Doe with Frosted Ears, will be available after weaning, $450.
R5: Pixiebrook Hot Toddy: Chocolate and Tan Swiss-Marked Doe with Moonspots, retained
R6: Pixiebrook Bellini: Chocolate Doe with Moonspots & White, Reserved, RD
R7: Pixiebrook Lime Rickey: Chocolate and White Swiss-Marked Buck
, retained
R8: Deceased (very small runt)

Lime Rickey, Retained

Hot Toddy, Retained

Gin Fizz, $450

Bellini, Reserved, RD

Oh my goodness, these kids are NICE! The combination of Sambuca and Disco appears to be exactly what I hoped, with strong, long rumps and high thurls, good shoulders, and lots of dairy character. These kids look to be so correct.

Sire: Pixiebrook Franklin (Oak Apple Ayumu x Pixiebrook FD Konstanteeni)
Dam: Old Mountain Farm Sunny Hart
(Old Mountain Farm Swift Elk x Old Mountain Farm Gazelle EEEE92)

DOB: 5-19-23
R9:Pixiebrook Pippa: Black and Tan Swiss-Marked Doe with Moonspots, Retained
R10:Pixiebrook Timon: Swiss Buckskin Combo Buck with Blue Eyes, Retained

Pippa, Retained

Timon, Retained

I’m thrilled to have some Sunny kids, especially a daughter. I thought Disco must have snuck in a breeding (and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how) because the doe is Swiss-marked, but then I got to looking at Sunny and realized she is a buckskin/Swiss combo! I don’t know why I never saw it before, but it’s clear as day. The buckling is blue-eyed, which confirms my thoughts (and the breeding that I witnessed) that Franklin is the sire, since Frankie is my only blue-eyed buck. These are some really nicely put together kids!

Sire: Oak Apple Ayumu (Oak Apple Arwyn x SG Old Mountain Farm Mizuki VEEE90)
Dam: Pixiebrook Konstanteeni (TUA Farms SP Flash Drive *B x TUA Farms SP Ruby Red Dress)

DOB: 5-20-23
R11: Pixiebrook Nozomi, Buckskin doeling with abundant white, a couple moonspots and blue eyes, Retained
R12: Pixiebrook Azuma, dark buckskin buck with blue eyes and white poll
, Retained for now

Nozomi, Retained

Azuma, Retained for now

Teeni never disappoints. I wanted one last daughter before Mu went to live in his new home, and she delivered. I especially love how robust Teeni is. She maintains her weight easily while having ample milk, and she has a beautiful udder. I’m excited to see if Mu improves teat placement on this little one. The buckling may become available later. I’m growing some boys out before I make final decisions.

Sire: Pixiebrook Franklin (Oak Apple Ayumu x Pixiebrook FD Konstanteeni)
Dam: Pixiebrook Botamochi
(Flat Rock’s Lumos Starlord x Oak Apple Ginette)

DOB: 5-23-23
R13: Pixiebrook Wasabi, Chami/Buckskin Combo buckling with blue eyes, abundant white, and a few moonspots

Mochi is an improvement over her dam in rump and I love her overall structure. This breeding was focused on piecing together shoulders and rumps, and I will be growing out this little guy to see how he develops. Mochi has a beautiful FF udder that I’m very pleased with as well. This was a light linebreeding on Proctor Hill Farm To Go Daddy, EEE92.

Sire: Pixiebrook Franklin (Oak Apple Ayumu x Pixiebrook FD Konstanteeni)
Dam: Pixiebrook Angry Bird (Gabhran Creek Pretty GoodMistR x Pixiebrook CM Sambuca)

DOB: 5-23-23
R14: Pixiebrook Olive, dark buckskin doe with blue eyes and white poll
R15: Pixiebrook Willow, dark buckskin doe with blue eyes and white poll, Retained

Willow and Olive

Angry Bird is a dream goat. She has beautiful structure, a great rump, and a promising udder. She kidded easily unassisted in less than 5 minutes (my daughter was in the paddock with her and didn’t even realize she had kidded it happened so fast), and she is a great mom. I love these girls. They are almost identical and have very nice structure.