2022 Kidding Schedule

Are you interested in a 2022 kid? Fill out our contact form or email us at pixiebrookfarm at gmail.com (please supply the necessary @) and let us know, and will put you on a reservation list. While we don’t take deposits, we are more than happy to contact you when we choose to sell a kid you might be interested in. Please note, we no longer sell intact bucks. We only sell does and wethers.

We always breed for structure and milk and put a lot of thought into pairing the best matches to bring about improvements in conformation and production. We do not make our decisions based on color, but do note when fun colors are possible. Please read our sales policies on our sales page for more information. As always, we reserve the right to retain any kid born on our farm regardless of reservation status.

Flat Rock’s Lumos Starlord

I am so incredibly thankful for this boy. He is AMAZING. I thought I had my breeding plans figured out for 2022 until I saw him, and then everything changed. I knew he was nice, but until I saw him in person, I didn’t really comprehend how correct he is. Most does will be put with Starlord simply because of his stellar structure. Flat Rock’s is well known for parasite resistance, easy maintenance, and large teat size with open orifices. If you’re looking for easy care goats and great milkers, this is a great place to start. Due to market demand, silver does will be priced at $600-800 and silver wethers at $300-$400.

Flat Rock’s Shadow Dancer
Shadow is a stunning doe who has quickly become one of our most favorite. This is a 9% linebreeding on Irish Whisper Harry Potter . Silver possible.

TUA Farms SP Ruby Red Dress
Ruby is my favorite doe for what she produces: high udders, good teat placement, long teats & good rumps.
Blue Eyes and Silver possible.
Reservations: 1) KB

Pixiebrook FD Konstanteeni
Teeni has great capacity and a high and tight udder with long teats.
Blue Eyes and Silver possible.
Reservations: 1)KB

Pixiebrook Tater Tot
Double emphasis on strong rumps.
Blue Eyes and Silver possible.
Reservations: 1) KB, 2) NM

Flat Rock’s SK Red Corvette

Red is such a gorgeous buck. He has an amazing rump, high escutcheon, tight shoulders, and I just love his length. I also love the strength of his very level back. I cannot believe my good fortune to own two Flat Rock’s bucks. Kids out of Red have good potential to have that elusive Kingwood Red modifier. In addition, his dam has 3″ teats with open orifices, so if you’re looking for an awesome goat who can be hand-milked and has Flat Rock’s parasite resistance, this is another good choice. Does will be priced at $400-500. Wethers will be $150-200.

Pixiebrook FD Jubilee
Jubi comes from super high production on both sides. She has excellent width and capacity. This pairing should improve angularity

Pixiebrook Glinda
Emphasizes teat placement, medial, rear udder height, and structure. Moonspots possible.

Oak Apple Ayumu

Mu is grandson to SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos +B on his sire’s side, and son to SG Old Mountain Farm Mizuki 4*M E90. He has sired cookie cutter kids so far. This photo does not do him justice. He’s a gorgeous buck from high producing lines, and he is used to improve attachments, backs, and shoulders. Does will be priced between $400-500.

Oak Apple Kiri
This is a linebreeding on SG Old Mountain Farm Mizuki 4*M E90. It is also a repeat breeding of my absolute favorite kids from 2021. Kiri’s dam was 3rd place at 2021 Nationals. Moonspots possible.

Flat Rock’s Gamora
Gamora has an extremely long and flat rump, something not usually found in Nigerians. I go back and forth on the sire for this breeding, but right now, I’m leaning towards Ayumu simply because of the strength of attachments that he passes on. Moonspots possible.

TUA Farms DF Louis Pasteur

I adore Louie. He will hopefully improve thurl height, rear udder width and height, and brisket. I am using Louie to improve rumps, as that is one of my main herd goals. He is a gorgeous buck from a high-producing dam, and bonus…he is polled. Does will be priced at $400-600 depending on market demand. Wethers will be $200-300.

Flat Rock’s She’s a Lady
Lady has overall very correct structure, and I’m hoping to add that phenomenal rear udder width from Louie’s dam.
Polled, Blue eyes, Silver, and Swiss-marked possible.
Reservations: 1) KB

Pixiebrook Sambuca
This breeding intentionally doubles up on very correct rumps. This is a linebreeding (Real COI 7.7% ) on Poppy Patch HB Evel Knievel (E90) and Caprinos RI Night Jasmine (E91). Polled and Swiss-marked possible.